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who are we?

RoomSixty is a youth initiative of Newton Wallacetown Church of Scotland in Ayr. We believe in empowering young people in reaching their fullest potential by providing opportunities for personal development. RoomSixty is now in its 13th year , and throughout this time has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of young people in North Ayr.

RoomSixty is an organisation which aims to provide a vibrant youth development program for young people in the Newton area and is focused on addressing issues important and relevant to Newton’s youth, families, and communities. RoomSixty’s primary focus is to strengthen youth development services in the community. Our programs include school-based during and after school drop-in sessions, community-based programs, 1:1 work, photography and video projects and sports projects such as football.

We Aim To

The Vision

It's simple: Encouraging young people to live life to the full.

How can you help?

Our Funders this year include:

The Gloag Foundation

The Robertson Trust

Hugh Fraser Foundation

James Weir Foundation

Souter Charitable Trust

South Ayrshire Council Charitable Trust

Ayr North Decides

Wallacetown Tennant’s Association

The Anchor Foundation

Darroch Charitable Trust

Corra Foundation

Our Annnual Reports